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Provide breadcrumb navigation for site visitors and search engines

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Breadcrumbs Addon

Display Breadcrumb Navigation for Site Visitors

The Breadcrumbs Addon displays a navigational aid to site visitors, showing them where they are on your web site.  It also allows easy navigation to every part of the path.

Granular control allows you to choose where to display breadcrumbs, covering:

  • Home Page
  • Post Types
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives
  • Search
  • 404
Breadcrumbs Addon: Output

Display Breadcrumbs in Search Engine Results

The Breadcrumbs Addon provides options to display breadcrumbs on your web site, search engines or both.

When displayed on search engine results, users can easily understand where a particular page sits on your web site.

Breadcrumbs Addon: SERPs

No Coding Required

Most breadcrumb solutions require that you add code to your WordPress Theme.  These changes can then be lost if you update your Theme in the future.

The Breadcrumbs Addon allows you to specify the HTML element on your web site to display breadcrumbs immediately after, or alternatively a specific WordPress Action that your Theme might provide to inject breadcrumb content into.

Not sure which HTML element or Action to use? Email support, and we’ll be happy to tell you based on your specific site.

For developers building custom Themes, or those who prefer to use code, we provide developer documentation and functions that you can use to easily output HTML breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs Addon: No Coding Required

Granular Control

The Breadcrumbs Addon lets you choose the sections of your WordPress web site to display breadcrumbs on.

For example, you can restrict the Addon to only display Breadcrumbs on your Pages and Taxonomies, whilst providing a breadcrumb structure for all content on your site to the search engines.

Breadcrumbs Addon: Granular Control

Help Visitors Navigate your Content

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