Keyword Analysis Addon

Optimize and analyze your content for keyword targeting

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Keyword Analysis Addon

Optimize your content for specific keywords

The Keyword Analysis Addon checks one or more keywords or phrases, which you can specify for each unique Page, Post or Custom Post Type.

6 key tests are performed on your content for each keyword, including:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • First Paragraph
  • Content
  • Use of similar keywords

Keyword Analysis supports any number of keywords or phrases.

Keyword Analysis Addon: Breakdown

True Keyword Analysis, with any Page Builder

Your content isn’t always just in the default Visual Editor – perhaps you use a Page Builder, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Fields or a specific Theme, such as Avada or Divi.

All of this is included with Keyword Analysis as standard, by analyzing the entire Page, Post or Custom Post Type.  This ensures that Keyword Analysis scores are more accurate.

There’s no need to configure the Addon – it truly works with any Page Builder and Theme.

Content Analysis: Page Builders and Themes

Simple Analysis Breakdown

The Keyword Analysis Addon covers 6 key areas, displaying results on the Page, Post or Custom Post Type in an easy to understand pass / fail format.

Where specific metrics fail, details are available to allow content editors to better understand how to improve their content to target their chosen keywords or phrases.

Keyword Analysis Addon: Breakdown

Easily identify content for improvement

The Keyword Analysis Addon identifies whether each Page, Post or Custom Post Types passes or fails Keyword Analysis within the familiar Page and Post Lists.

Filters are also provided to quickly see all Pages or Posts that require work to pass Keyword Analysis tests.

Keyword Analysis Addon: Improvement

Go Beyond Keywords

The Keyword Analysis Addon doesn’t just check whether your specified keywords or phrases are included in your content.

Checks are also made to see whether any Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are included in your content.

These are ‘similar’ keywords or phrases based on the keyword or phrase you are targeting, and including them in your content can have a positive impact on SEO.

Keyword Analysis Addon: LSI

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