Import from WP Simple SEO

If you have a configuration file from another WP Simple SEO installation, and you want to use it on your WordPress web site, the Import option in WP Simple SEO allows you to do this quickly and easily.

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on WP Simple SEO > Import & Export
Import Settings: WordPress Administration Menu

Can’t see the Import & Export settings option in the WordPress Administration menu? You need to complete the First Time Configuration steps first.


The Import panel allows you to upload a JSON file generated by WP Simple SEO to import settings.

Importing a configuration file generated by WP Simple SEO will overwrite all settings in WP Simple SEO.  It’s best to only use this option on a clean installation, or if you’re confident you want to overwrite your existing settings.

To import:

  • Click the Choose File or similar file upload option, selecting the JSON file on your computer.
  • Click the Import button.