First Time Configuration

Once you have installed WP Simple SEO, it needs to be set up and configured for the first time.

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on WP Simple SEO
WP Simple SEO Menu in the WordPress Administration interface

If you are configuring WP Simple SEO on a local or development web site, you won't be prompted for all of the below options, such as submitting your sitemap to Google.
Depending on the current configuration of your WordPress web site, you may see some, or all, of the following options.

The Welcome Screen, displayed the first time WP Simple SEO is configured.

Allow Search Engines to access your site.

If WordPress’ setting at Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility has been set to Discourage search engines from indexing this site, WP Simple SEO allows you to change this setting.  This ensures that search engines can access, and index, your web site.

To allow search engines access to your site:

  • Tick the checkbox.

If this setting is not displayed, don’t worry – it means that your WordPress web site is already accessible by search engines.

Change Tagline

If WordPress’ tagline setting at Settings > General is the default (“Just another WordPress site”), WP Simple SEO allows you to change this setting to something unique.  Whilst this is not critical for SEO, it’s good practice to have a unique tagline which explains your web site.

To change the tag line:

  • Tick the checkbox.
  • Enter a unique description about your WordPress web site in the box which appears.

If this setting is not displayed, don’t worry – it means that your WordPress web site already has a unique tagline.

Submit your Site and Sitemap to Google

WP Simple SEO can automatically add your site to Google, verify your ownership of it, and submit its XML sitemap. This tells Google which of your web site’s URLs (Pages, Posts etc) it should attempt to index and rank.

To submit your site and sitemap:

  • Click the Submit Site & Sitemap to Google button
  • Click Allow on the screen that appears, to grant WP Simple SEO access to your Google Search Console account
    The Google oAuth dialog which is displayed when authorizing Google Search Console with WP Simple SEO

After a few seconds, you will be redirected back to your WordPress web site’s WP Simple SEO welcome screen, with confirmation that your site and sitemap were submitted to Google successfully:
The message displayed in WP Simple SEO when Google Search Console is authorized

If this setting is not displayed, don’t worry – it means that your WordPress web site is on a local or development environment.  These are typically used by developers when building and testing a WordPress web site, and should not be indexed by Google.

Import SEO Configuration from another Plugin?

WP Simple SEO can automatically import your SEO configuration from a previous WordPress SEO Plugin, if you used one on your WordPress web site in the past.  This is useful if you made specific changes to the formatting of your web site titles, meta descriptions or social data, and want to retain those settings.

To import the SEO configuration from another Plugin:

  • Choose the SEO Plugin from the dropdown list.

If this setting is not displayed, don’t worry – it means that your WordPress web site does not have an existing SEO configuration from another plugin.  WP Simple SEO will automatically configure itself and define the best possible default settings.

Finish Setup

Once you have completed the above steps, click the Finish Setup button:
The Finish Setup Button

WP Simple SEO will then confirm that setup is complete:
The screen displayed when the first time configuration is completed.