Running PageSpeed Analysis

The PageSpeed Analysis Addon is available on any public Page, Post or Custom Post Type.

To run PageSpeed Analysis on a specific Page, Post or Custom Post Type, either:

  • Editing the Page, Post or Custom Post Type (as a draft, by Publishing or Updating)
  • Use the Bulk Actions dropdown in the list of Pages / Posts / Custom Post Types

Editing a Page, Post or Custom Post Type

When creating or editing Page, Post or Custom Post Type content, you can perform any of the following actions to run PageSpeed Analysis:

  • Publish
  • Update
  • Save Draft

The results of the PageSpeed Analysis will then be displayed, typically below the main Visual Editor, by clicking on the PageSpeed Analysis tab:
PageSpeed Analysis Addon: Tab

Refer to the Viewing Results Documentation to understand the results.

Bulk Actions

To quickly run PageSpeed Analysis on existing Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types:

  • In the list of Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types, tick the checkboxes for the content you want to perform Analysis on:
    Content Analysis Addon: Bulk Actions: Select
  • In the Bulk Actions dropdown, select Run PageSpeed Analysis
    PageSpeed Analysis Addon: Bulk Actions: Dropdown
  • Click the Apply button.

An on screen progress bar will be displayed, whilst each Page / Post / Custom Post Type has PageSpeed Analysis performed.

PageSpeed Analysis can take a few seconds for each item.  If you’ve selected several items, please be patient whilst the Addon completes PageSpeed Analysis.

On screen confirmation will be displayed when PageSpeed Analysis has finished:
PageSpeed Analysis Addon: Bulk Actions: Confirmation