General Settings

General Settings are used to:

  • Verify web site ownership with Google and Bing,
  • Submit your XML Sitemap to Google,
  • Provide additional information and options for Google’s Knowledge Graph and Sitelinks Search Box.

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on WP Simple SEO > General
General Settings - Menu

Can’t see the General settings option in the WordPress Administration menu? You need to complete the First Time Configuration steps first.


Register and Verify Site

Connecting WP Simple SEO to your Google account allows WP Simple SEO to submit your web site, verify ownership and submit your XML sitemap to Google. Google will then be able to crawl / index your site, making it possible for your site to appear on Google’s search results.

Three options are displayed, with actions if required:

  • Site Registered: If your site has been registered with Google’s Search Console, this will say Yes.  If not, click the Register Site with Google button.
  • Ownership Verified: If your site’s ownership has been verified with Google’s Search Console, this will say Yes.  If not, click the Verify Site Ownership with Google button.
  • Sitemap Submitted: If your site’s XML sitemap has been submitted to Google’s Search Console, this will say Yes.  If not, click the Submit Sitemap to Google button.
Can’t see the above settings?  Click the Connect WP Simple SEO to Google button, and then click Allow when prompted.  This grants WP Simple SEO access to your Google Search Console account, so it can submit your site, verify ownership and submit your XML sitemap.
If any of the above settings read No, it is likely that Google will not be able to index your WordPress web site for inclusion in the search engine results.  Click the appropriate buttons above to resolve these issues automatically.

Knowledge Graph

When visitors search for your web site, business or personal name, Google may display information in its Knowledge Graph, which is a card displayed on the right hand side of Google’s search results:
Example of Google's Knowledge Graph

To help Google with this information, enter the following details:

  • Entity Type: Choose whether you are a company or a person.
  • Name: Your company name, or personal name, depending on the Entity Type chosen above.
  • Logo
    • Click Select Image
      General Settings - Google Knowledge Graph - Select Image
    • Select an existing image, and click Select
      General Settings - Google Knowledge Graph - Select Existing Image
    • Alternatively, upload the image from your computer by clicking on Upload Files and then Select Files, before clicking the Select button
      General Settings - Google Knowledge Graph - Upload Logo

Sitelinks Search Box

Google may display a search box within your search result for certain branded and navigation queries on Google:
Google Sitelinks Search

You can choose to enable or disable this by using the Yes / No dropdown option.


Submitting your web site, verifying ownership and submitting your XML sitemap to Bing is a manual process.  There are several steps, and it’s worth having WP Simple SEO and Bing Webmaster Tools open in separate tabs in your web browser.

To submit your site to Bing:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign In or Register
  3. In the My Sites box, enter your WordPress web site’s URL, and click Add
    Bing - Add Site
  4. On the next screen, enter the XML sitemap URL.  You’ll find this on the Sitemap section of the WP Simple SEO Plugin.
    Bing - Add Sitemap
  5. Click Add
  6. Copy the Meta Tag in Option 2: Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage.  Keep this screen open, as we’ll come back to it in a minute.
    Bing - Meta Verification
  7. Switch to WP Simple SEO > General > Bing Tag, and paste the meta tag into the Meta Verification text input, and click Save.
  8. Switch back to the Bing Webmaster Tools in step 6, and click Verify
    Bing - Meta Verification - Verify

Bing will now be able to crawl / index your site, making it possible for your site to appear on Bing’s search results.