Term Settings

Term Settings are used on individual Taxonomy Terms (for example, Categories or Post Tags) to:

  • Override the Title and Description (set in Meta Settings), that will appear on search engine results,
  • Whether to index or not index a particular Term.

In the WordPress Administration interface, create or edit a Taxonomy Term, and scroll down to find the WP Simple SEO section.

Can’t see the WP Simple SEO section?  Make sure that Show Meta Box is enabled under Meta Settings > Taxonomies.

Snippet Preview

The Snippet Preview shows how the Taxonomy Term’s archive page will look in search engine results.
Term Settings: Snippet Preview

If you change the Title or Description of your Term, you’ll see that the Snippet Preview automatically updates.

Editing the Snippet Preview

By default, the Title and Description are based on the Meta Settings for this Taxonomy Term.

You can, however, override these settings on a Term by Term basis.  To edit the settings for this specific Term, click the Edit button:

  • Title: The Term title, to be displayed on both search engine results and the browser window / tab.
  • Description: The Term description, displayed on the search engine results.

Advanced Settings

WP Simple SEO provides the following additional settings.  Again, these are based on the Meta Settings for this Taxonomy Term, but can be overridden on a Term by Term basis.

If you’re not sure about these settings, you don’t need to change them.

  • Noindex?: Choose Don’t Index Content if you do not want search engines to index this Term’s archive page.  This will also exclude this Term from the Sitemap, and defines the meta noindex tag = true.